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Outdated Methods in Children's Ministry

As children's ministries are preparing to re-open, lets talk all things outdated. As Children’s Ministry leaders, it is vital that we wake up and become cognizant of the changes and cultural shifts that are happening in our communities, schools, and everywhere else in between! It is crucial that we constantly evaluate, assess, and tweak those things that are no longer producing the desired outcome, and create innovative ideas that are relevant to the community around us. To separate innovative thinking from the way we “do” church is a grave mistake and will cost us greatly. It is time to WAKE UP!

Do you know the demographics of the surrounding community in which your ministry is planted? Alot don't. Are the methods you’re using to reach the children and their families built around the modern family of today or that of yesterday? Are you guilty of operating off of old dusty methods? Don't beat yourself up over it. It happens to the best of us. Ministry can be exhausting and if we're not careful, we can become the kings and queens of maintaining real fast! The most important thing we can do is to identify and correct.

Could the methods you're using be a little dusty? Check out the warning signs below. It's never been a better time than now to evaluate your current methods for reaching children and their families. I’m serious you guys, I want you to take an honest unbiased look at the way you do things. The proof is in the pudding! Get your Children’s Ministry team together and if you don’t have a team yet, get busy! Strong Children’s Ministries are built upon even stronger teams, so if you don’t have one, you’ve got yourself a problem! But we'll dig into that topic another time! So put on your seat belt because here we go...

Warning Sign #1

The Young people are saying it’s outdated. People in general are saying it’s outdated. When the world is screaming at you, do it and God a favor, LISTEN! We have got to stop forcing the next generation into the box of the old! There is a new generation out there that can be reached if we are willing to get outside of the box and reach them!

Warning Sign #2

Something has shown itself to be a better method than previous ones used. If it’s better, it’s better! The spirit of denial is a real thing in ministry. Check your motives and your heart. Stop over analyzing and produce! And when something or someone comes along even better than that be willing to shift!

Warning Sign # 3

The only thing that has you holding on to the method is to not offend someone from the past.

Honor the ways of the past and move on if you want to exist in the future! Trust me, your children's ministry will thank you!

Warning Sign #4

I knew I'd trick you. Unfortunately, if you want more in-depth warning signs, you'll have to get my book, Children's Ministry Wake-Up Call. You didn't think I was going to give you all the secrets for free did you?! To get your signed copy today visit

But in all seriousness, If the way you do things fits into any of these categories, let’s have the courage to shift the way we do things so that we can reach the next generation for Christ and truly become the kingdom builders we were created to be. The next generation is counting on you to lead well. I believe in you! Until next time friends.

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