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Esther Moreno

An emerging voice in Children’s Ministry.


Esther Moreno has dedicated her life to reaching the next generation for Christ. She has over 15 years of Children’s Ministry experience across various churches and denominations.


She is one of the hosts of Children’s Ministry Today on Fishbowl Radio Network. In addition to hosting monthly live webinars on social media, she leads virtual trainings for Children’s Ministry departments all over the country. Esther is a gifted speaker, teacher, and author. She holds a Masters in Christian Education from Ashland Theological Seminary.


Esther is Dedicated to:

  1. Training church leaders and children’s ministry workers on the effective delivery of engaging children’s messages;

  2. Offering resources to assist children's ministry workers and parents in the spiritual development of their children; and

  3. Using digital media to create a network of men and women committed to reaching the next generation for Christ.


Esther currently lives in Huntsville, Alabama with her husband Guylando and their two beautiful children, Grace and Gideon.

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