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Children’s Ministry in Crisis

By Esther Moreno

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Leadership demands excellence. Progressive leaders do not wither in the face of change, challenge, or even chaos, but they push forward for the sake of the children and families they are called to serve. One of the greatest tragedies in Children’s Ministry is that only a small percentage of leaders are willing to make the necessary investments to optimize their leadership. But the stakes are far too high to settle for mediocrity.

In this compelling work, Esther Moreno challenges Children’s Ministry leaders to expand their definition of leadership by examining elements like vision, teamwork, and organization. In her own unique voice, she weaves in other timeless leadership attributes – valuing people, avoiding offense, and Spirit-centeredness – and invites leaders to incorporate these fundamental

principles that are necessary for leading in these changing times. Get your copy today!

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With unprecedented access to information and rapidly developing technology, the next generation's views on the church, authority, and God are all shifting.


If we ever hope to be successful in reaching the children of tomorrow, we must move beyond the status quo and completely revolutionize our approach, evaluate our methods, and make the investments required to become the church that this generation so desperately needs. It's time to Wake Up!

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Navigating the ebbs and flows of Children’s Ministry can come with its own set of challenges but take heart. With the right approach your journey through the great world of Kidmin cannot only be successful but enjoyable. In her own whimsical way, Esther Moreno provides key insights to do just that. Whether you are a Children’s Ministry director or a Kidmin volunteer, the principles in this book, if applied, will revolutionize the way you see ministry, and will dramatically change the type of results you are currently experiencing.

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