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Easter & The Family During Quarantine

Many families are wrestling with this shift that COVID19 has brought upon the family. As the country has already begun to celebrate Holy Week and ultimately the resurrection of Christ, many parents are left with a void that comes with not being able to follow the normal traditions. Easter egg hunts have been cancelled across the country along with the hopes of families coming together for big meals and the all famous coordinating of outfits in the church pews. (a personal grievance of mine). In spite of the many efforts the church is making to bring this season alive through digital means, it just doesn’t seem to capture the same excitement. But, even though things are changing, I believe this Easter presents a unique opportunity for the family to celebrate Easter in a way they will never forget.

Easter is rooted in the Jewish tradition of Passover. As Jesus was entering the city and celebrating his final days, he was actually celebrating the Jewish tradition of Passover. During the original Passover, the children of Israel ate a meal in recognition of their deliverance from slavery in Egypt. To them, each element of the Passover meal represented God’s faithfulness. And much like them, the very first Israelites to celebrate the meal were quarantined in their houses waiting for the death angel to passover. I imagine that many of us feel like them in this moment as we too are quarantined. However, just like it did then, this season has presented a unique opportunity to celebrate God’s faithfulness as a family unit. Don’t miss this!

Just like they were huddled together in awe and wonder of God’s work, we should be doing the same. As a family unit, finding unique and personal ways to celebrate this resurrection season are at your fingertips. From having a meal, where the elements of the meal tell a story to doing an experiment or a craft together as a family (no, not just the kids) that bring this amazing season to life. As I grieved the loss of this season I stumbled over great gains through family bible studies, prayer, and tv cuddle sessions with popcorn and the Bible series now available free on prime video through Amazon. Our evenings are filled with so many questions from the kids and an excitement to see God’s word come to life with every episode. My 6 year old son who’s secret passion is to become the Incredible Hulk met the real life Hulk through the story of Samson the other day. The awe that emanated off his face from God’s word gave me chills and filled me with an indescribable joy.

Yes, there is so much joy to be found in this season! So as we have been stripped bare of the commercialism of Easter like never before, it is my prayer that families across the country would embrace the beauty that this season brings in ways they will never forget and that new traditions would be gained long after this quarantine is over.


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