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Building A Faith In Children That Lasts

Building a faith in your kids that lasts isn't rocket science! With a little consistency you too can help build a lasting faith that will serve your children well for years to come. Whether you are a parent or a next generation extraordinaire, you too can help build a strong faith in the children around you. Check out these 3 tips to help you get started!

1. Be A Living Example

Building a child's faith starts with letting them see yours. Did you know that your kids are always watching you, even when you don't notice it. So choose to be a living example. Keep that bible open on the counter after your morning reading over that piping hot cup of coffee. Allow your kids to see you pray from time to time. Even letting them see you make mistakes, assume responsibility for them, and forgive others teaches them life lessons that speaks louder than words.

2. Take Your Kids To Church

No guilt intended but I can't tell you how many times I have heard parents tell me that they didn't attend church because the kids didn't want to go. Listen clearly.... If you don't make attending church a priority now, they won't make it a priority when you want them to later! Church is a place that allows you and your children to worship God together and with like minded believers.

Even though I don't believe being at church is the only time we should focus on God, it's a place where our kids can learn about God, Jesus, and the Bible. It's also a place where they can obtain the spiritual guidance they may need in a particular season from trained pastors, youth ministers, and other leaders. Remember, before a kid can ride a bike successfully, they have to be taught. The same is true with our children's faith. Before a child can walk out their faith successfully, it must be taught! So first, start by teaching your kids that church is a priority!

3. Do It At Home!

Sit back, relax, and let us do all the heavy lifting in growing your child's faith said NO Kidmin leader EVER!!! The church isn't the only place where your kids can learn about God and grow in their faith. Besides, we're all in this together! So don't wait until Sunday rolls around. You got this! Do it at home too. Learn and grow together! Pray for and with your children. I love talking to my kids after they get home from school about their day and examine how God would want them to respond to some of the difficult situations they faced. Choose a day to do a family bible study where your kids get to grow and express their faith in the comfort of their own home. Still struggling?... There are tons of Christian devotionals, bibles, and other resources out there created to help you in your efforts to build a faith in your child that lasts. So do your research, be creative, be intentional, and make it fun. There's not one right way to do it but do DO IT!!!

So there you have it...three simple steps to help get you started in building a faith in your child that lasts! Oh...and one last tip...DON'T FORGET TO SHOW YOURSELF GRACE! Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day and God is the ultimate faith builder! So ever onward and Happy Building!!!!

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