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Team Building in Children's Ministry

Okay, listen up, because I’m only going to say this once…YOU CAN’T DO MINISTRY ALL BY YOURSELF! It’s nearly impossible! With all the work that lay before us to reach the next generation for Christ, it is unfathomable to believe that greatness can be achieved alone. No one person can effectively run a dynamic Children’s Ministry. This is in essence why building teams are so important. The concept of having a team is one I believe most Children’s Ministry Leaders have embraced yet lack the ability to build a strong one. I believe if you’re going to build a strong team and succeed in Children’s Ministry, there are two essential elements that has to take place.

1. Trusting Your Team

Let’s just go ahead and get this one out of the way. Leaders who think no one can do ministry as well as they can will never build a successful team. What’s important to understand is that not everyone is going to do things exactly the way you do it and that’s okay! Trust is a foundational element in any relationship and in the absence of it can wreak havoc, hurt, and bitterness in your ministry. A lack of trust also hinders your team from growing and becoming their best self by diminishing motivation, productivity, and accountability. If I attempt to teach my son how to ride a bike but never let go of the handle bars and trust him to ride the bike alone, I will hinder his ability to become a great bike rider. I am inadvertently sending him a message that I don’t believe he will ever be successful at riding a bike without me there holding the handle bars for him. Nothing kills a department more than a leader who does not know how to let go of the handle bars. So let go! Trust me, your back and your team will function much better.

2. Use Your Team

Okay, so you’ve got your dream team together but now we’ve got another problem…using the team. If you don’t use your team you will lose your team! They may stick around for awhile but mentally they are gone. Think about it. Who wants to be apart of a team when you’re constantly riding the bench? There is power in collaboration and a shared mindset. So make sure you’re keeping up with your team and engaging them regularly. Communication is key when it comes to building strong teams so make sure they’re in the loop when it comes to decision making and goal setting. Create goals together that are challenging but not too hard that it discourages team members. Remember, unclear goals and undefined roles breed confusion and will leave your Children’s Ministry team disengaged and disjointed. Every team member should have a role and know what’s expected of them. So support your team by using your team.

There’s no doubt that Covid-19 put a strain on churches like never before and left many in a re-building phase when it comes to teams. As churches re-open let’s make sure we’re building the right way! Join us next Tuesday @7:00pm CST for a Children’s Ministry Live Webinar on Building Your Team After Covid-19 with special guest Jim Wideman. Register Today!

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