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Making The Main Thing The Main Thing In Children's Ministry

As children's ministry leaders, we often find ourselves wearing many hats. We juggle the responsibilities of managing volunteers, nurturing the faith of our little ones, partnering with parents, and navigating the intricacies of working with senior leadership. The demands can be overwhelming, and it's easy to lose focus on what truly matters. But amidst the chaos, there's one fundamental truth we must always keep in mind: the main thing is to lead a future generation to Christ. So, how can we ensure that we keep the main thing at the forefront of our ministry efforts?

1. Prayerful Leadership: Seek God's guidance through prayer, making it a daily habit. Remember, effective ministries are contingent upon their connection to the vine. So stay connected! Make it a habit to pray for your ministry, the senior pastor, your volunteers, the children, and their families.

2. Intentional Discipleship: Develop a clear strategy for nurturing the faith of not only the children in your care but also the volunteers God has entrusted to you. Help your leaders to lead well. Set them up for success not just in children’s ministry but in life. Point volunteers needing more spiritual nourishment to the necessary programs and support groups that will help enrich their faith.

3. Empower Volunteers: Equip your volunteers to understand the importance of the main thing. Never assume they know the why! Encourage them to embrace the ultimate vision and their roles as faith influencers. Make sure you are providing ongoing training and support so they can successfully do that.

4. Partnering with Parents: Establish strong connections with parents, recognizing that they are the primary faith influencers in a child's life. Provide resources and support to help parents foster spiritual growth at home.

5. Accountability and Evaluation: Regularly assess your ministry's activities and goals to ensure they align with the main thing. Seek feedback from volunteers and parents and make improvements as needed.

6. Keep the Joy: Remember that sharing Christ's love should be joyful and inspiring. Let your enthusiasm for Christ's message shine through in everything you do no matter how hard it is to do it!

In the midst of the challenges and responsibilities that come with children's ministry leadership, it's vital to refocus on what truly matters. Make the main thing the main thing in your ministry, and you'll find renewed purpose and inspiration. Remember, the future generation's faith journey begins with your leadership and dedication. Let's continue to be vessels through which the love of Christ flows, lighting the way for the young souls entrusted to our care.

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