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Awakening The Dreamer in You: A Blueprint for Children's Ministry Leaders

In the bustling world of children's ministry, it's all too common to start with grand dreams and ambitions, only to find ourselves slipping into routine and mediocrity. We shift from beast mode to survival mode in the blink of an eye. But dear children's ministry leader, allow this new year to wake up and reignite that God-given passion within you! Don't let your dreams fade away; let them set your soul on fire! You can achieve what you once deemed impossible with the right goals and unmovable focus. Let these steps in this week’s blog post get you started in the right direction.

1. Embrace the Power of Dreams: Remember the moment you first stepped into the world of children's ministry, filled with enthusiasm and a heart bursting with love for these young souls. Those dreams were not in vain; they are your compass, guiding you towards greatness. Write it down and choose to believe God for more. Embrace them once again, and let your faith in what God can do fuel your journey.

2. Analyze and Set Goals: Take a moment to assess what your ministry truly needs to thrive. Is it personal growth and development, more engaging programs, improved communication with parents, or better volunteer management? My point is to identify the areas that require attention and set clear, actionable goals to address them. Goals are the stepping stones to realizing your dreams.

3. Banish Comparison: It's easy to get caught up in the comparison game, but remember that your ministry is unique, and so are you. Comparing yourself to others, especially on other ministry teams, will only hinder your progress. Instead, focus on your own journey and the incredible potential you possess. God has placed a divine purpose within you, tailored for your ministry's success. Don’t lose sight of the ultimate vision! Choose to support rather than criticize other team members and watch what God will do. 

4. Stay Focused: Distractions and challenges will undoubtedly arise, but staying focused on your vision is key. Keep your eyes on the prize and persevere through the trials. Trust that every obstacle is an opportunity for growth and learning.

5. Keep Dreaming, Keep Pushing: Never stop dreaming, never stop working towards your goals. The path to greatness may be challenging, but with determination, consistency, faith, and hard work, you can unlock the extraordinary. So, don’t quit! Follow the blueprint and believe that God has put in you everything your department needs to reach its full potential.

In the beautiful and sometimes challenging world of children's ministry, your dreams are not just aspirations; they are your calling, your purpose. So, children's ministry leaders, awaken the dreamer within you, and watch as God's hand propels you and your ministry to unprecedented heights. Your passion is the spark that can light up the lives of countless volunteers, children, and families, making a lasting impact for Christ. Stay focused, keep dreaming, and follow the blueprint. Let your ministry shine brightly in its service of God to the volunteers, children, and families entrusted to your care.

As always, Rooting for you!


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Thank you for this, Mama Esther. I was blessed, thank you.

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