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Bringing God's Word To Life For Children


Do you feel your Children’s Ministry lessons are lacking excitement? Could your teachers use a jolt in the fun department? Learn easy and effective ways to bring your Children’s Ministry lesson to life and keep your kids on the edge of their seats wanting more.

Building A Faith In Children That Last


Did you know that most people have formed their life long views about God by the time they leave elementary school. Catching them young is more important now than ever. Learn proven techniques on how to build an exercise of faith in your children that stands the test of time.

Capturing The Hearts Of Kids In A Digital age
Do you feel like you’re losing the war to capture the hearts and minds of your children to technology? Learn the risks and rewards that come from this digital age; And acquire the necessary tools to leverage the spiritual benefits of technology while avoiding the pitfalls. 
Partnering With Parents

Do you feel like there’s a disconnect with parents? Is Sunday the only day dedicated to your children’s spiritual development. Do you crave a better partnership between your Children’s Ministry and the families in your church? Learn best practices, ideas, and more on how to bridge the gap while inspiring parents to continue the work of spiritual formation of their children at home.

Effective Volunteer Recruiting Strategies
Building A Strong Children's Ministry Team
Understanding The Times in Children's Ministry
Breaking The Mold in Children's Ministry
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